Organic Kukicha tea - 50g

Organic | Non-GMO

Kukicha alkalizes your body for better health and has the added bonus of beautifying your skin.

Kukicha is unique among green teas as it is not made from tea leaves, but from the stems and young twigs of the tree shrub Camellia sinensi. Great hot and cold, this is a super tea that has the ability to burn fat, lower cholesterol, reduce acidity and increase alkalinity to help your body ward off disease.

Kukicha is packed with vitamins and minerals which is why it has been used in traditional Japanese Yoga Therapy and Chinese medicine as a tea that assists with:

* High blood pressure
* Sluggish digestion
* Bladder infections
* Fatigue
* Heart disease
* High cholesterol
* Weight loss

Imported from Japan
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