Biological Soil Test Services

The quality of soil and compost is best assessed by a microscopic analysis of the microorganisms.

The healthy soil-food-web will result in :

* Healthier plants
* Nutritious crops. Have the proper balance of nutrients so they taste good and satisfy hunger.
* Increased yields.
* Disease and pest resistance.
* Weed suppression.

All without the use of fertilizers, pesticides, or herbicides!

Check a Sample Report

Please begin by reviewing a sample of our assessment report, where you'll obtain data, photos, and sufficient explanation to understand your figures. The report will give you an essential insight whether or not your material contain adequate microorganisms of the right types to allow your plant to thrive.

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Download an Order Form

Before sending your samples, please download & fill out the order form, and submit the form along with payment. Follow the instructions below for collecting and packaging samples, and contact me for any questions.

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Selecting Sample Locations

To examine biology in the root zone of a particular plant, sample from midway between its stem/trunk and dripline. Pull three cores from around the plant (or grouping of plants), and combine for a single sample.
To survey a broader area (pasture, crop field, garden, etc.) separate the area into zones – based on geography, prevailing conditions, variance in dominant plant type, plant health, etc. – and sample each area.

Pulling a Sample

The first thing you need is a coring tool – a large-size apple corer works well. Always collect samples when soil is moist, preferably when moisture has been present for several days. Clear any surface material from a small patch, and insert the corer. Twist and pull up, and you should have a 'core' of two to three inches. Shake it gently into a resealable plastic bag.
Choose a name for the sample (say, “orchard NW corner 1”), and write it: on the bag with a permanent marker, and on the sample submission form.

Shipping your Sample(s)

* Make sure each plastic bag is clearly labeled (using a permanent marker or affixed label on the outside of the bag) with a sample name that matches a sample name on the Order Form.
* Make sure each bag / bottle with sample material is no more than 1/3 full and has air inside to keep conditions aerobic.
* Make sure to ship your sample(s) the day of collection for same day or next day delivery. Generally, the sooner a sample arrives, the more accurate the assessment results will be.
*To help ensure prompt processing, alert us with an e-mail before shipping. For any questions, just give us a call.
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